петък, 11 декември 2015 г.

BGJUG event: Algorithms and Data Structures. Searching and Sorting in Java

What a long title! Well done, guys (I've copied it from jug.bg event list) :D
Actually Our official unofficial blogger Mihail Stoynov was absent on this session and I issued myself to write this blog post, because I reckon that every event of our jug has to be documented.
OK. Lets go on.
The session was essentially productive. It's topic was searching and sorting algorithms alongside Java Data Structures API. The speaker, Petar Petrov, started with basic aspects of algorithms e.g. how to test your algorithms, and how to choose the best algorithms as of testing results. I will not reintroduce the whole session because its unnecessary and incorrect.
It's important to point out that this session was really vital not only for Java developers, but for people facing up such kind of tasks every day at work. And lets say it loud:

organise talks with topics essential for whole software community!!!

After a small break the talk continued with more advanced discussions for Java Collections API and "When to use this data structure and when other....". Active role took some of attendees, I mean Mitia and of course Nayden.

That discussions extracted the hidden importance of the number 47 but I didn't get anything from this conversations :D !!!
In this discussions realised that a lot of people are waiting for primitives in generics and value types in Java. 
Of course, there are some pictures, snapped by Mitia, Ivan and me:

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